Light & Darkness

Have you ever been in a place in your life’s journey that the road seemed impossibly dark? The kind of darkness that messes with every one of your senses and you swear you feel things creeping in on you. You immediately begin sliding your feet slowly ahead, rather than keeping your usual pace, so if you do encounter hidden obstacles you will not collide full force. 

This is the best description I can give to the previous two years. Most of my journey includes stories that are not all mine to share, so what I will say, is that I have faced the kind of darkness that made me slow my pace and began sliding my feet where God was leading me to walk. Because of my own hurt and fear, I forgot that my darkness was not darkness to Him at all. What felt like devastating blows were not a surprise to Him, and the tears I shed in those dark places were not hidden from Him. He’s been there all along. He’s not left me in my weakness or rejected me in my doubt, He’s remained faithful.

“He knows what is in the Darkness, and Light dwells in Him” Daniel 2:22

This verse has been powerful for me in recent days, as I have gotten glimpses of the work God has been doing all along when life was too dark for me to see. I have been reminded that He knows, He cares, and He is Faithful! 

Our journeys in this broken world will likely be full of dark paths: Paths where our doubts seem greater than our faith, where our hurt is so deep we wonder if God has forgotten us, and where we question everything we thought we knew. 

I don’t have answers to all my questions and sometimes life hurts so much I avoid mascara for days so my crying is less visible to others. 

Here is what I choose to believe even when my feelings don’t agree: “He knows what is in the Darkness, and Light dwells in Him”.