Bethany's Favorites: Regina Robinson

As we prepare for Season 3 we are bringing you some of Bethany’s absolute favorite episodes from the archives. Enjoy!

In this episode, Bethany interviews Regina Robinson. You are going to love this story! Regina and her husband Jua planted a church in Boston, MA back in 2007. She is a wife and mother of 4, while also serving as Dean of Student Affairs for Cambridge College, as a member of our Boston Public School committee, and as a powerful advocate for those whose voices aren’t always heard. Regina shares about moving to the Northeast on the trajectory of higher education, and the day her life changed, when they went for the ultrasound for their second child. Her story of fighting for her son before he was even born, and the incredible opportunities she has had since Josiah was born with down syndrome will have you shouting for joy while you’re reaching for tissues.

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