Raging Radical Heathens with Kate Merrick - S2 E4

In this episode, Bethany interviews Kate Merrick. This is a conversation full of goodness! Kate Merrick is a writer, speaker, pastor’s wife, mama of a teen and a toddler, surfer, part-time cowgirl, and self-proclaimed chicken whisperer. She has been married to Britt for 19 years and they live in Carpinteria, California, where they founded the Reality family of churches. Kate talks about living the “unplugged life” and the beauty that her family has found by not being glued to a screen. Kate shares about the season walking through cancer with her daughter Daisy and all that God spoke to her in that time. After Daisy went home to Jesus in 2013, Kate wrote her book “And Still She Laughs”, reflecting on how she was able to live in joy even in the midst of pain. She shares how she’s digging in to find the deeper questions in the struggles we face, the importance of true community when life is hard and the excitement of getting a Netflix DVD in the mail!  

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