The Beautiful Messiness of Urban Missions & Bi-Polar with Lori Brown Harris - Ep. 17

In this episode we interview Lori Brown Harris. Lori is our first internet friend turned into real life friend! Jenn had been following Lori on social media and LOVED her heart, her words and her pictures. So we did what any normal person would do with a stranger, and asked her if she wanted to be on our podcast! Lori, who is very gracious and kind, agreed to be interviewed! This is Hey Girl podcast first for many reasons, our first internet friend, first interview via skype AND Jenn and Bethany are both behind the microphones talking with Lori. We just know you will fall in love with Lori and her story! Be sure to follow her on her social media platforms, she’s inspired us, and we think she’ll inspire you too!

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