Serving the Deaf Community & Walking Through Loss with Nancy Maguire Heath - Ep. 06

Today Jenn interviews Nancy Maguire Heath. Nancy is the Director of a School for Deaf Children in Providence RI and we learned so much about the deaf community. It was inspiring to hear Nancy’s passion for deaf people!

Nancy shares with us about her husband’s diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis and walking through a double lung transplant and the challenges they face and how her faith in God sustains her.

Nancy gives some practical advice on being stepmom, especially to not take things personal.

I am so thankful that Nancy shared with us about her three marriages. Her vulnerability and honesty I think will help anyone walking some of the same roads. She shares about walking through the grief of two of those marriages and has some helpful hints on how to help someone walking through grief. Nancy is an incredible lady and we think you will enjoy hearing from her!

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